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The quarterly, Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences by the Department of Information and Library Science is one of the few completely digitalized journals in Taiwan, which accepts and reviews submissions through the Internet. It was an academic journal in library information sciences sent to the NSC for appraisal in March and has become one of the first level academic journals in the field of education (including physical education and library information sciences) in Taiwan in 2008. Among similar journals, it has had most academic articles published, which have been cited the most times. Its editor-in-chief Professor Jeong-yeou Chiu has expressed that the winning is a positive recognition of the Journal; in the future, with objective, strict, earnest and responsible manner, it will continue to make contribution to and serve the related academic world.

To encourage scholars to submit academic articles for publication, the NSC selected 11 out of more than 40 academic journals of the library and information sciences for appraisal. The years for appraisal were from 2003 to 2007. Except specialist scholars’ appraisal, NSC also set the standard of citation frequencies. With its rigorous editorial process, excellent academic contents and most frequently cited status, Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences won the specialist scholars’ favor. Also in the first-level category are Journal of Library and Information Science by the Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies, National Taiwan Normal University and Journal of Library and Information Science Research by the Library Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Jeong-yeou Chiu has expressed that the Journal is grateful to article contributors, reviewers, readers and the group of editors for their support. In the future, the Journal will continue to strive for including famous information banks from overseas and mainland China to broaden its international vision and strengthen its academic competency.

Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences was founded in 1970 and devoted itself in expanding and including international information banks. Jeong-yeou Chiu has pointed out that the Journal has rigorous reviewing and editing procedures; the manuscript format and arrangement are digitalized according to international standards. In recent years, overseas submissions spread the US, Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Mainland China, and all are voluntary submissions. As the Journal is bi-lingual in both Chinese and English, any Chinese submission is required to have both an English abstract and an English extract of about 1500 words for overseas scholars to refer and cite. In so doing the Journal is trying hard to expand its academic influence. As some members on the editorial board are from the US, Great Britain and China, many submissions in English are often reviewed by these foreign scholars.( ~Dean X. Wang )

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