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Directed by Dr. Ma Ter-ming of Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Chen Pei-chung, third year graduate student, and Lin Yuan-chung, an alumnus of the department, participated the “2009 Taiwan Robot Aircraft Design Competition,” and won the second place in “Out of Sight UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Design Competition.” Dr. Ma encourages more students to join the competition and use their imagination to utilize and practice what they have learned in school.

This competition events, which took place in Likang Village of Pingtung County, were sponsored by Aeronautical Society of ROC, National Science Council, Pingtung County, and National Cheng Kung University. There were five teams participating the section of “Out of Sight UAV Design Competition.” According to the remarks of the judges, TKU team’s system integration is more matured than that in other teams; however, there is space of improvement in the application of sensor and vilification of the version of compiler.

Chen Pei-chung, leader of TKU team, pointed out that unlike the other teams whose aircrafts are modified from ready-made ones, ours is completely self-made and the only one in the game which could fly off without the help of runway. He expects the teammates to work together in improving the hardware and software and get a better achievement next time. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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