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To provide its faculty, staff and students more opportunity to access to latest information, Tamkang University library has signed interlibrary loan agreement with many universities in the country. The first contract was signed with Taiwan University in the year 2001. So far, TKU has similar agreement with more than 23 colleges and universities, and six libraries under the Academia Sinica around the country.

Fang Bih-ling, Section Chief of the TKU Library Circulation Services Section, reminded those TKU faculty, staff, students to register an interlibrary loan card at TKU library first so that they can borrow a book in other libraries. “Each interlibrary loan card could borrow 5 books, for 3 weeks. Renewing and request service is not provided,” she noted. The borrowing period for the six libraries under the Academia Sinica is 30 days, she added. “We hope the interlibrary loan service can provide students with information faster and easier.”

Chang Yen-ling, a senior in the Department of Japanese said that the service is really beneficial to the students. She urged the school authority to continue to work with other universities and colleges in the future. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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