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Where can you download free computer softwares without infringing intellectual property rights? Now the Ministry of Education’s has set up an OSS Application Consulting Center on line, allowing those who are in need to download all kinds of free software in a click away.

“The Open Source Software Application Consulting Center is an attempt by Ministry of Education’s push to diversity in IT education in local schools,” said Chang Hui-chun, Section Chief of the Education Support Section under the TKU Information Processing Center. “The purpose of setting up the online center is also meant to show students how to respect other’s intellectual property rights.” Those who are looking for free and legal computer software can log on to the following website at

Chen Shih-en, a senior student in the Department of Electrical Engineering, said that the website is very useful especially when you are looking for software you need to work on your papers. “It is free, and more importantly legal, to use all the software on the MOE site,” he noted. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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