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The result of “2009 Awards of Outstanding Collegiate Young,”, was announced by China Youth Corps, and 14 TKU students won the prize. Ku Han-ting, a senior of Dept. of Economics, has represented TKU to join the nationwide award ceremony at Chientan Youth Activity Center on March 27, while Liu Feng-chi, a senior of Dept. of Management Sciences and Decision Making, has represented TKU to participate in the county award ceremony at Banciao Junior High School on March 29.

“I have very good luck,” Ku Han-ting said modestly, commenting on winning the award. Ku actively takes part in school activities. He was the cadre in Student Association, Voluntary Social Charity Service Club, and social service team in winter vacation. He also served as the Chief Executive of the activity “Spreading Love,” the Executive Secretary of school bungee jumping, and the Chief Public Relation of school carnival for elders. “I used to be an impetuous and naive (naive) person. Through joining these activities, I have learned how to communicate and get along with people. My thinking becomes more matured and considerate right now,” Ku said.

As for Liu Feng-chi, she served in many school activities as well during her college life. She had been the Secretary Executive of Student Association, the Public Relation of Voluntary Social Charity Service Club, and the General Administration of the department association. “If someone needs me, I will always be there,” Liu expressed.

Lee Mei-lan, one of the crew in Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, indicated that there are some qualifications for the candidates of this Award. First, their academic grade last semester must be higher than 70, and the conduct grade above 80. Second, they need to have concrete outstanding performances, such as being the student cadre of school clubs, being enthusiastic over public matters, popularizing club activities, holding nationwide and school events, and participating in academic research.

Apart from Ku Han-ting and Liu Feng-chi, the other prizewinners are Hsiao Li-cheng, a senior of Dept. of Mathematics, Lee Cheng-tao, a senior of Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Hung Yu-heng, a junior of Dept. of Industrial Economics, Hsu Yen-chi, a junior of Dept. of Economics, Tsai Ping-lun, a junior of Dept. of Information and Library Science, Wu Pei-chen, a second-year master student of Graduate Institute of Life Science, Huang Chen-chun, a first-year master student of Dept. of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Tsai I-lung, a first-year master student of Dept. of Economics, Mou I-ting, a first-year master student of Dept. of Spanish, Lee Ke-han, a student of Graduate Institute of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Lin I-tsen, a sophomore of Dept. of Multicultural and Linguistic Studies, and Huang Yu-ting, a sophomore of Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality.

All the prizewinners used to be the cadre of school clubs or of department associations. Hsiao Li-cheng is enthusiastic about service, making an overall plan for his club activities for many times. Lee Cheng-tao used to serve as the President of Erh Ch’I High-school Alumni Association. Hung Yu-heng has many service experiences, such as being the cadre of the Earth Environmental Protection Club and of the Earth Environmental Protection Camp for Kids. Hsu Yen-chi used to take on the important post in the department; Tsai Ping-lun was the President of the department association.

Wu Pei-chen has great academic performance; her research result, instructed by her advisor, has been published in Carbohydrate Research and J Ind Microbiol & Biotechnol, both of which are included in SCI (Science Citation Index). Huang Chen-chun takes the important position in the care team for children in Mackay Memorial Hospital; he also actively participated in the study camp held by Taiwan or Mainland to improve himself.

Tsai I-lung was the cadre of the department, and his grade used to be the number one in the department. Lee Ke-han is the counselor in the Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord injury, the Public Relation of New Vitality Independent Living Association, and the lecturer for disabilities education. Lin I-tsen is the President of department association, assisting the department to hold all kinds of activities. Huang Yu-ting participates in the Lanyang Volunteer Team, teaching elementary students English after school for long time. Mou I-ting has received the scholarship of the Technological University of Panama, and being an exchange student there at the moment. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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