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Orientation for Foreign Students, Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students

At 9am on September 5, the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs held an orientation event for all new foreign students, as well as overseas and Mainland Chinese students. The event was attended by the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang; the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Po-yuan Kao; the Vice President for International Affairs, Dr. Wan-chin Tai; the Dean of International Affairs, Dr. Pei Wha Chi Lee, and around 350 TKU students. The students were firstly taken on a tour of the Tamsui Campus by leaders from various student clubs, such as the Overseas Chinese Student Association, the Hong Kong Macau Student Association, the Volunteers of International Students Club, and the newly-established Foreign Student Association and Mainland Chinese Student Association.

The event represented the first time that foreign students, overseas Chinese students, and Mainland Chinese students all took part in the one orientation. This year’s foreign students come from 53 separate countries; while overseas Chinese students come from 20 different countries. Moreover, this year there are a total of 70 Mainland Chinese students at Tamkang.

The Orientation began with an opening speech by President Chang. She encouraged students to not only commit themselves to the professional and general education courses, but to also take part in the vast array of TKU student club activities. By doing so, students gain valuable skills and enhance their future competitiveness in the workforce.

The Orientation program also featured light-hearted activities, like a short play performed by the Foreign Student Association and a traditional Chinese Lion Dance staged by the Overseas Chinese Student Association.

Macau freshman Tsai Chia-cheng, who took part in the event, exclaimed: “I really liked the lion dance show!” Meanwhile, Foreign Student said that the information provided by the International Office was very clear and concise and that “the campus surrounds are beautiful.”


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