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The 2012 TKU World Alumni Association Biennial Conference

Held from August 23-25 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the TKU World Alumni Biennial Conference drew Tamkang alumni and prestigious guests from around the globe. Among the guests were Dr. Loo Soon, the President of the TKU Alumni Association Headquarters, along with alumni from each city, town, and county throughout Taiwan; Dr. Sun Jui-lung, the President of the TKU Academic Department Alumni Association, along with alumni from each TKU academic department; Kao Hsin-Ping, the President of the Association for Taiwanese Businessman in Mainland China; Feng Chi-feng and Chen Song, the President and Chairperson respectively of the TKU Alumni Association of North America. The conference was also attended by Malaysian alumni and local dignitaries from government and industry, with a total of over 600 guests. The three-day conference schedule included a Malaysian investment symposium, an evening banquet, and an alumni golf contest.

The first item on the schedule was an informal dinner event held on the evening of Aug 24 by the President of the TKU World Alumni Association, Chen Ching-nan. During his opening speech, Chen thanked fellow alumni for their support in organizing the historic event. He encouraged all TKU alumni to give back to their alma mater in whatever form possible, whether it be financial support or personal volunteer work. Chen also urged TKU alumni associations to begin holding more frequent alumni gatherings and events, which he explained not only motivates and inspires alumni, but also helps to galvanize support for Tamkang. Finally, he expressed gratitude for the hard work and commitment displayed by Malaysian alumni over the past two years in preparing for the event. To follow was a speech by TKU President, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang. She explained that she was not only grateful for the arduous efforts of Malaysian alumni, but also extremely touched. President Chang noted that Tamkang’s achievement of producing graduates who have been voted as “enterprises favorite” for the past 15 years is largely due to the accomplishments achieved by alumni over the past several decades.

On the morning of the 25th, 40 alumni from Taiwan and Malaysia took part in the alumni golf contest. In the end, the winner with the best gross score was the President of the TKU Paraguay Alumni Association, Hsu Liang-chuan. The net winner was Li Zi-song, the Chairman of the Federation of Alumni Association of Taiwan Universities, Malaysia. The net first runner up was the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang; and the net second runner up was the Dean of the Office of Physical Education, Dr. Hsiao Shu-fen.

The Malaysian investment symposium was held in the afternoon of the 25th. Hosted by the Deputy Representative to Malaysia, Lin Ming Li, the symposium featured talks by leaders in Malaysian industry that informed guests of the myriad prospects for investing in Malaysia. The symposium was followed in the evening by the official Biennial Conference Banquet, which was not only a culinary feast, but also featured entertainment and touching speeches.

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