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Paving the Way for Project Managers in Taiwan

Dr. Maggie Shou-Ying Hsu is a former TKU student from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. She is also one of the few people in the world to receive accreditation as an OPM3 Instructor. OPM3 stands for Organizational Project Management Maturity Model. It is an international standard used to help raise businesses’ and organizations’ competence in project management. OPM3 accreditation is offered by a non-profit organization known as the Project Management Institute (PMI).

In 2010, Dr. Hsu received the OPM3 qualification. In doing so, she became one of only 76 people in the world and the first person of Asian ethnicity to receive the qualification. Then, a little while back, she was invited by PMI to attend a stringent six-day course for “Top Ten OPM3 Certification Instructors”. She passed the course and is now one of only ten people in the world to become a Top Ten OPM3 Instructor. The Chair of the TKU Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Dr. Hsu Hui-Huang, offered praise: “She has truly made her former university and her country proud.”

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