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30 International Educators Hold Discussion On Issues in Asia

【Reported by Xuan-ping Liu, Tamkang Times】On April 18th the Graduate Institute of Asian Studies held the “2014 New Asian Events” international conference in the Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall. Employee of the Embassy of Taiwan in Japan, Fu-chen Luo, Japanese Interchange Association Secretary, Kenichi Okada, Dean of the Graduate Institute of Asian Studies, Yao-ting Jen and professors from many different countries gathered to read a total of 12 dissertations.

Yao-ting Jen expressed, “I hope that in this particular conference we could do a satisfactory job with the promotion of Taiwan, Japan, Korea, South East Asia and India in terms of academic exchange programs. It is also my desire to give future researchers new direction in the field of academic research.” Fu-chen Luo and Kenichi Okada’s discussion was presented from the platform of economics, politics and resources. Kenichi Okada expressed, “I’m extremely grateful for the support that Taiwan offered Japan in the time of the great earthquake.”


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